Trisomia 21 APS

Trisomia 21 is a social participation association dealing with people with Down syndrome and their families.

In 2009, in Viale Volta, Florence, we opened our Centre for the habilitative development of people with Down’s syndrome or similar genetic intellectual disability, recognised by the Region of Tuscany as a healthcare rehabilitation centre with executive decree no. 1653 of 9 April 2010, then subsequently confirmed during the three-year renewal with executive decree no. 3488 of 3 August 2012, unique in the entire region in terms of the completeness of our services and the number of users, who are followed in a comprehensive manner in both the healthcare and assistance spheres from birth to adulthood.

Here, we strive to offer parents and their children a comprehensive response, both medical and social, together with support throughout the entire developmental process, from birth to entry into school and the world of work.

The experience of similar centres already existing in a number of Italian cities shows that people with Down syndrome or other similar handicaps can be included and integrated into society, provided they are treated correctly from an early age.

Our ideas are clear. Read our mission statement!

We exist since 1979. Read our story!

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